Friday, 19 August 2011

Go Diego Go!

Never before have I been so stressed out about one little cake!  But for some reason this Diego cake that my sister-in-law's friend asked me to make for her sone really stressed me out.  I couldn't decide what exactly to do... there are so many nice Diego cakes on-line, I would have loved to really go all out on it, but I also had another cake to do for the same day so I couldn't go crazy!
I finally decided to go with just doing a FBCT (frozen buttercream transfer) of Diego on top of just a well iced 10" round cake.

I think the hardest part was trying to acheive hispanic skin color with icing!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

The making of a man

I was asked to make a golf cake for a friend of a friend... No problem, easy, I've done quite a few golf cakes over the years.  Then she asked me to make a little golfer, a little bald golfer, to go on the cake as well!  I have NEVER made a person out of fondant, gumpaste, whatever!  This was certainly going to be a new challenge... but I was ready and excited for it.

I started by making him just a head:

Side view (notice he even has ear indents!):

Then I gave him a body, some pupils and eyebrows... making him look less creepy!:

And then he got some legs/pants:

A close view of one of his little arms/hands:

Now his arms are on and he has a collar and "buttons" on his shirt:

Here you can kind of see his little golf shoes! (no, that's not a club...yet, just a skewer to keep his hands and legs apart:

Here's his little club (made out of dry spagettini with a fondant handle & club head)!

Well, there he is... the making of a man, a sweet little sugary fondant man!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Shoes, shoes and more shoes

In January I was asked to make a ballet cake... I had no idea what I was going to do for it!  I had googled and found a few really cute cakes with little ballerinas on them, but I had NO clue how to make a ballerina!  So I asked the mom if it was ok if I just did gumpaste ballet shoes on the top of the cake, (because even though I'd never made shoes before I figured they'd be easier than a person) and she was fine with that.  It took some practice and one trial run before I figured it out but I was so happy with the results, and so was she!  She even said that it was nicer than their wedding cake!

Practice shoe, sprayed pink:

Practice shoe finished (it's multi colored because I wanted to use up as many "scraps" of gumpaste as I could):

The finished, final shoes! (done with pink gumpaste, not white gumpaste sprayed pink)

From another angle:

And the whole cake!

In February I was asked to make a high heel shoes cake by the mom of a classmate of my oldest daughter, for her mom's 60th (I think) birthday (catch all that?!).  I had only made gumpaste shoes once before (the ballet slippers) and I knew this was going to be very different, so off to the computer I went to find out how to make gumpaste high heels!  I did a paper sample first so I knew what it would, or SHOULD, look like in the end... I even tried it on because it looked like it would fit LOL and I'm glad I did because I've actually had a few people ask me what size the shoes were! (they were a 10!)

The pattern:

I needed a way to form the right shape for the base of the shoes, so I covered the inside of a pair of shoes with plastic wrap and used them as my "mold":

The inside lining of the shoes are now in:

The backs are done, those little baby food fruit containers were the perfect size for holding up and forming the heel of the shoes! 

A little close up of the "stitching" detail:


That high heels cake was all the talk, for a while, of anyone that had seen it!  Thanks to that one cake I ended up doing 2 more!  One for a friend's mother-in-law's birthday, and one for a teacher that was retiring from my children's school... both in purple, but different sizes.

This pair were quite small!

And then this pair were another size 10!

Somewhere in between the first and 3rd high heels cakes I also did a baby's christening cake that had baby booties on top.  Back to ol' google to find out how in the world I was to accomplish that!  I was so happy with the way they turned out, but hope that I never have to make another pair... they were by far the most difficult of all the shoes I have made!

Baby bootie:

 Cake with booties on top:

 Closer shot of booties on cake:

I think the world is against me!

Ever since I decided to start this blog yesterday I have had nothing but trouble with the computer!  I have tried uploading photos to post and it would take forever, so I tried to upload them to another website (photobucket) and then just use the URL to post the pictures... well then the computer shuts off the internet on it's own!  Grrr!  That was last night, so I went to bed and decided to start fresh in the morning... I finally got a chance to get on the computer and started uploading photos to photobucket again, it's going great, but there are a lot of photos so I decided to go and do a few other things and come back in about an hour or 2.  I come back and it's still uploading, so that looks good!  All of a sudden the power goes out!  Arrgh!  Start the computer up again, log back on to the couple of websites, go to start uploading again and the internet shuts off again!  Come on, really?!  This computer drives me nuts!

Hopefully, soon, I'll actually have a post that had pictures in it!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Ask and ye shall receive...

I've had quite a few people ask me if I have a blog, or tell me I should start a blog, so finally here it is, my first entry on my very own blog!

Now it's time to go have breakfast, but I'll add some more soon!